Exclusive, No Cost LIVE IN PERSON Training With Award Winning Business Expert Ree

How To Create Additional Online Income Streams, Even If You Don't Know How!

WITHOUT Having ANY Previous Experience, Or Touching A Single Product!

+ Plus Get A Special Gift On The Day As A BONUS Just For Showing Up!

 Saturday 5th February 2022, 
10:00 - 16:00, Essex 

How To Create Additional Online Income, Even If You Don't Know How!

WITHOUT ANY Previous Experience Or Touching A Single Product!

+ Plus Get A Special Gift On The Day As A BONUS Just For Showing Up!

 Saturday 5th February,
10:00 - 16:00, Essex

Who Will You Learn From?

When You Join The eCommerce Blueprint Masterclass For Free Right Now You"ll Get:

 Saturday 5th February 2022, 
10:00 - 16:00, Essex 

When You Join The eCommerce Blueprint Masterclass For Free Right Now You"ll Get:

  • You’ll get immediate FREE access to the Business & eCommerce Masterminds Group.
  • Learn LIVE from Award Winning Business & eCommerce expert Ree  who will help you accelerate to a better you while creating more income, all while doing your existing job, even if you think you don't have the time.
  • VIP access to future online events, access to potential hot seat coaching.

But Don't Just Take It From Us...

Here’s What Other Are Saying About REE!


But Don't Just Take It From Us...

Here’s What Other Are Saying About REE!


“When Ree speaks, I listen…You cannot help but profit from hearing what he has to say. I always do.”

Nicole Jardine

AVP, Finance Crime Analyst, Barclays, London
 I've always been interested in starting an online eCommerce business but didn't really know how, especially working for the big banks, you get stuck in your job, having learnt this simple process, I am generating another income stream with something I really enjoy.

Hasan Rahman

Project Manager, Deutsche Bank, London
A forward looking and inspirational coach. Keeps it simple yet highly effective with his strategies which has resulted in incredible results & additional income which doesn't get in the way of my work life balance either

“Don’t miss the opportunity to be taught by the best!”

George Elia

Programme Manager, HSBC, London
Working as a programme manager & already running a property business, I was sceptical in getting involved in eCommerce due to not having time, but now I've seen how easy & efficient this system is I have seen what a great investment this was & making better returns than my rental properties 

“In the short list of skilled, qualified, and solid teachers on Business & eCommerce, Ree in my opinion, is the absolute best.”

Kam Phull

AVP, Product Owner, Deutsche Bank, London
I had no idea eCommerce could be so easy, working from home & having 2 kids can become busy, but this system is so user friendly I actually really enjoy it & managed to make over £500 in my second week.

“Being a student and being exposed such high profile companies was overwhelming, but Ree's mindset was so contagious and allowed me to excel while doing my degree.”

Usmaan Malik

Business Owner & Dentistry Student, London
Ree coached me on how to turn my social media into a profitable eCommerce business utilising my following. I am now working with big brands such as Uber, Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Lamborghini & other influencers while studying Dentistry .

“Ree is a professional entrepreneur”

Azam Shah

Associate DIrector, HSBC, London
Ree is a genuine down to earth entrepreneur. Having worked with him within Banking he has a great temperament & skill set within the eCommerce space as well successful businesses he has launched. I would definitely recommend him for coaching, business mentoring & training purposes.

“The phrase ‘It'll change your life’ is thrown around way too often, but not in this case.”

Lewis Johnson

CEO, 5econds, USA
Being at the top level, sometimes you can become complacent & have the belief that you can't teach an old dog new tricks, that used to be what I used to think before I worked with Ree's new system, I wish I knew this stuff before!

Alen Fejzic

CEO, OnlineClosers, London
When it comes to eCommerce strategy, Ree's knowledge & experience are second-to-none. When I realised the significance, I had to work with him. A very impressive entrepreneur & an absolute pleasure to work with too! His track record speaks for itself. Highly recommend!

“There was so much substance and simplicity in the system.”

Devyn Abrahams

Business Analyst, Funding Nav, Cape Town
Ree helped me through my eCommerce journey. I have been extremely impressed with his diligence & ability to simple get things done. For the past 3 months he has guided me in the exact direction I see myself in the future. He taught me things that can last a life time. His patience & guidance with his ambition is a coach you want. Thanks Ree for everything you really a man of your word.

“Ree is always real and has a no nonsense attitude, if you are slacking he pushes you till the end.”

Lindsey Hayes

Product Manager & Business Owner, Sage, USA
Working with Ree was an eye-opener, I realised it was possible to work a full time job & get to learn to run another side business that works with my own. I used to waste money making the best sites ever but not converting as much, now I am converting a lot more with a lot less spend.

Raj Makwana

eCommerce Channel Manager, AB Sports Nutrition, Brighton
I have been working within the eCommerce & Amazon space for years, for big/medium-sized businesses. Having worked with Ree & his strategy, I can simply say his approach is so much simpler and achieves results quicker.

“Some people can barely do a day job, hats off to Ree who has manged to deliver results in a job and his business.”

Mary Banks

EA & Business Owner, Exxon Mobile, USA
I thought working in the corporate world was the be all and end all, I learnt a lot but I didn't get all the skills I thought I would really be able to use, this all changed when I decided to take the plunge and invest in myself. My whole world has been changed and I am making an extra income with such an amazing coach, he understands what its like to work full time & launch your own side business and has been there and done it, best programme I've ever done.

"This Masterclass is perhaps the best investment in yourself.

Edmond Willis

Regional Manager, GAP, USA
I am so grateful I stumbled across Ree's profile. Initially, I thought he was some flash guy that I couldn't work with, but it has been my privilege, with what has happened to retail in the last year what he is teaching isn't just relevant but its life-changing, so many people are out of jobs and this is literally gold. I can't thank Ree enough for allowing us to become part of this family he is creating.

“I don’t know anyone who teaches eCommerce with such clarity, authority and integrity.”

Satyen Shingadia

Relationship Manager CMB, Cynergy Bank, London
Being a relationship manager, it can become quite demanding, but when I started working with Ree, I have realised that making an additional income with eCommerce doesn't need to be another full-time job, I wish I knew this years ago.

“I wasn't sure he would be able to handle me has a client due to my age, I was surprised how much I was able to learn”

François Davignon

Retired Professor, Quebec
Ree has a creative & innovative way to find efficient & cheap ways to run an online store, he is patient & provides comprehensive coaching for an old hard headed 70 year old, who's trying to earn money to send poor kids to school.

“Wealth with God will change your relationship to money, it will boost your financial intelligence and transform your heart.”

Kevin Mosh

Senior Quality Assurance Enginer, Ford Motor Company, USA
In my background, systems & process is king to have success. I have dabled online before but other "guru's" have this ways which don't seem to work. What Ree has done is outstanding & I can't believe how easy it was to implement. You don't just get a programme with Ree, everything changes for the better.

“Ree's teaching exposed some of the biggest weakness in what people say you need to do to start in eCommerce, this stuff is simple.”

“Made £20k in first 3 months”

“100k followers to 642k & making money”

“Ree has your back & really cars about you”

“We have grown from a 4 car workshop to a full house over 20 supercars”

“Had my business 3 years, in the time I have worked with Ree, it has deveoped drastically”

“I wasted money on so called guru's before, Ree is the real deal”

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